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Are you interested in music? So I propose that you enter my world, that of the street, where you will listen to jazz, because as Joel Meyerowitz says, “Street photography is jazz”. The street is like jazz, improvisation, variations on the same theme. Every time you go out you can hear the same song, but it is never interpreted in the same way. You can pass through the same place, but the story is always different because the persons coming by are different.

Do you prefer classical music? No problem. I invite you to enter the theater, take a seat and enjoy my vision of opera... or ballet.

But if you continue to advance in my gallery, you will see something perhaps "unexpected". Why have I taken photos in such a sad and horrible place as Mauthausen? The answer is very simple. Thousands and thousands of people were killed there, 4.427 were Spanish, and they all deserve to be remembered. And the most important point is: let's learn from history so that it never repeats itself!

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